Archival documents relating to Maxilla spanning four decades.

Maxilla Nursery newsletter

Aims of Maxilla Nursery in their newsletter circa 1984

ILEA architectural plans

GLC ILEA architectural plans of Maxilla Nursery Centre

'Children Under 5' AGM Poster

Poster advertising 2nd WNA AGM

Poster advertising under 5's week

Under 5s week March 1975

Westway Nursery Association proposal document

WNA proposal for a comprehensive centre in north Kensington 1973


‘It was very much a centre for extended day, so we worked from 8am–6pm and it was very … family orientated, a family unit where we actually had breakfast and tea as a family group with the babies and toddlers … at the end of the day we would try and change the emphasis to a much more relaxed sort of family place …’

Suzanne Rowan, former Nursery Officer at Maxilla Nursery School, 1983–1998