Making Maxilla Happen

Community action in North Kensington in the 60s and 70s: how and why Maxilla came about.

The Early Years

A pioneering provision for children under 5, their parents and the community.

Tightening the Screw

Cuts, changes and challenges that impacted on the original vision and ethos of Maxilla's founders.

The Later Years

Reinstating a combined centre and becoming outstanding once more.

The End of an Era

Despite fierce parent protest, Maxilla closed its doors in July 2015 — The magnificent garden is now a forest school.



An interview with Karen Buck MP

Excerpts from an interview on 08/04/2016 — 18min 02sec
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‘‘‘I feel very privileged that I’ve had a chance to work there … and I still see parents now … and probably grandparents … and they still comment about how Maxilla was very special for them and their child … yeah, a really really special place and I just hope we can carry on going … to even just use the garden, it would be very special if that could continue.’

Suzanne Rowan, former Nursery Officer in Nursery School, 1983–1998